6 reasons why losing weight is harder than you think

Losing weight can be difficult as it extends beyond the simple act of eating. There are many other factors that influence your ability to shed those extra pounds.

It is an important life change

As simple as it may seem to eat less and exercise more, these two things could be huge changes to a person’s current routine. It sounds easy when you say it, but the act of doing it requires a bit of effort on your part. Changing habits is difficult. Changing behaviors and how they interact with your environment is not an easy task.

The Solution : Start with minor changes, like getting up from your desk and going outside and taking a short walk (10-20 minutes). Making small changes over a long period of time leads to significant effort.

Razones por las cuales perder peso es difícil

You need willpower

People who fail are those who lack willpower. The point here is that willpower is only a short-term solution. It takes willpower not to eat a cookie, but it takes something much stronger and more forceful to make a lifestyle change that includes weight loss.

The Solution : Write down the reasons why you want to lose weight. Do this in private. Don’t tell anyone or post it. When you want something, you will unconsciously do everything you can to get it. Of course, you must find a reason to want to do it.

Portion Control

For decades meal sizes have changed. From larger plates to larger portions in restaurants. Now it takes a conscious effort not to overeat. This is part of the broader problem of the obesity epidemic.

The solution : become aware of what you are eating and in what quantities. At first you may want to keep track of your food. However, the first small step is to become aware of the problem before making monumental changes. The next time you go to a restaurant, look at the amount of food they are going to serve you.

The food is delicious

And so is wine and beer! One of the reasons that weight loss is so difficult is that many people like to eat tasty things. It is natural for them to resist change. Most people don’t want to stop eating the things they love. The thing is, you can still eat some of the things you like and lose weight, just try to adjust them in your daily calorie intake.

Optional solution : Get a book of healthy cookery or bodybuilding recipes. Learn how to make easy and delicious, healthier versions of the foods you love to eat.

You need to make an effort

People are very good at making excuses. They underestimate how much they eat and overestimate the amount of physical activity they do. Most people are simply not willing to invest the time and dedication that it takes. They are too busy with their lives and that is why they turn to quick fixes. This opens the opportunity for companies to cash in on and promote magic pills that are supposed to melt fat, when in reality they are useless …

The solution : Stop making excuses and find out why you want to do this.

You weigh yourself often temente

Using the scale daily as a measure of success is the worst thing you can do. People tend to be short-lived on diets because they don’t see results on the scale. Society has gotten used to instant gratification. Send an SMS and wait for an immediate response. You don’t gain 100 pounds of fat in a decade and expect you to come off in 30 days on a weight loss program. But that’s exactly what people want …

The solution : Weigh yourself once a week at most, and keep track of the results. Over time, you will get a very good visual representation of whether or not your efforts are working.

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